About Us

The Construction Industry Crime Prevention­ Program of Northern California (CICP) is a unique private sector, non-profit association formed in 1971 by contractors­ to fight construction site theft and vandalism with a reward /hotline system as a resource for law enforcement. The Program is solely funded by the industry through membership dues, association contributions­ and a construction grant. CICP is directed by a prestigious Board of Directors and our members represent all trades in the industry.

What We Do

CICP contributes time, effort and resources to our members and the construction community at large. Here is a list of just some of the benefits we provide:

  • Round-the-clock hotline and a generous reward system including signage which enhances community awareness of our program
  • Donation of containers, tools and equipment for bait operations
  • Training for law enforcement
  • Reviews the Latest Crime Prevention Technology
  • Information resources for members and law enforcement
  • Location of theft victims for the recovery of tools and equipment
  • Drug Awareness and Recognition Classes
  • Site Security Surveys - Target Hardening
  • Tailgate Meeting participation and supervisor Security Trainings
  • Internal theft or fraud Investigations

No matter what your needs are, CICP can be on-site within 24 hours of a theft or other major issue, and works hand in hand with law enforcement and the community to halt crime in our industry.

 CICP has once again been recognized by the US Commerce Association in 2010!