Success Stories

CICP of Northern California prides itself on being a positive and effective detterent for theft and vandalism on construction sites throughout our area. Our record proves that our members benefit from our services, such as:

  • A round-the-clock visible emergency/ crime hotline
  • Clear and visible posting of crime prevention signage
  • Pro-Active positive way to address theft & vandalism
  • Follow up by CICP and rewards paid on your firm's behalf
  • One reward sign can result in a recovery that exceeds the cost of your membership

2009 Rewards, Recoveries and Case Highlights

REWARDS: $2,000.00 RECOVERIES: $240,000


REWARDS: $190,400.00 RECOVERIES: $108,246,800.00

United Rentals Ford F550 Recovered in Roseville, CA

On April 27, 2009 Angelo Uilities reported that a United Rentals truck which was on their jobsite in Roseville, CA had been stolen. The very next day it was located abandoned and returned to it's rightful owner, partially due to the great response from members and the watchful eye of Law Enforcement in the region. The vehicle was worth approx. $40,000.00.

Informant Shares with Charity

Granite Construction’s Bay Area Branch contacted CICP about an informant call that resulted in the recovery of a $140,000 motor grader. The good citizen obtained the serial numbers when the equipment was offered as a “very good deal”. He had the serial numbers run and then notified Granite in time for a recovery and two arrests.

The caller requested that half of the reward money be donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind. Granite generously provided $1000 of the $2000 reward in this special case.

CICP has honored requests before to contribute rewards to a charity but never at this level coupled with the potential risk for retribution.

CICP thanks Granite Construction for the $1000 contribution that resulted in a generous contribution to a worthwhile charity and provided the caller with the maximum reward offered.

Christmas Gifts Contribute to $200,000 Vandalism

In January CICP received a request for assistance from an El Dorado County Sheriff’s investigator.

Paintball guns and air pellet guns were used while suspects started up equipment and played “bumper cars”. The site was devastated. Some equipment was destroyed and other pieces had sustained serious damage. The total loss came to more than $200,000. 

The site was located near a problem apartment complex. A special reward flier was delivered to each resident.

Over a period of three days, 22 calls were received on the hotline. The same two to three juveniles were named in each anonymous call. Investigators talked to the parents and the juveniles. Although there was not enough evidence for an arrest, overnight the vandalism in the entire area stopped.

Each of the suspects had an ongoing history of problems with the law AND each had received paintball guns for Christmas. In fact paint “bullet” guns and air pellet guns were given to many of the juveniles in the complex that year. These gifts had already resulted in paint “bullet” smearing of the apartment and the parking lot on a regular basis.

The Year of the Employee

In 2006 CICP paid more rewards to employees than to “stranger” calls, a first in our history. 

In each of these cases, unless the employee wished to remain anonymous, CICP presented reward checks in person at a company gathering of the employee’s peers and upper management. Raising crime prevention awareness within the company and posting signs accounted for the majority of these rewards.


Reward amounts are purposely set at lower levels for property crimes. Higher rewards encourage theft for the sake of the reward. Our rewards of “Up to a $1000” follow guidelines set by Crime Stoppers and other similar groups. 

Two important factors that encourage information are whether the caller is guaranteed anonymity and if the caller is not forced to wait for a conviction for the reward. Both of those factors are stressed on our signs.