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All reports of theft and vandalism will go out to the membership as quickly as I get those reports. If it is not reported to me, I cannot report it to the members, thefts and vandalism will continue to go on. Without the participation of the members we cannot catch and stop the thieves and vandals. Please direct your job superintendents to report these illegal activities so that we can post reward fliers, talk to neighbors and witnesses, and work with law enforcement to provide informants with reward money for turning in the thieves or recovering any stolen equipment.

David Arebalos
Executive Director


Metal Theft

The worldwide demand for copper, steel, brass, bronze and other metals has soared in recent years. Copper sold for 80 cents a pound four years ago and currently sells for between $3 and $4 a pound today. With similar increases in the value of other metals thieves are heavily targeting the agricultural and construction industries as sources for metals that are being sold for pennies on the dollar at recycling centers. In addition, these thefts typically create substantial losses as equipment and job sites are heavily vandalized as a byproduct of the thefts.

Law enforcement resources are stretched thin to investigate and respond to this growing problem. Since crime prevention is always less expensive than recovering from an actual crime, CICP of Northern California offers the following recommendations.

Be an unattractive target. Crime prevention is an investment that pays dividends when properly applied in areas of improved fencing and lighting, restricting access to assets, marking equipment and other assets with a power actuated marking tool and avoiding leaving equipment in fields or other remote locations.

Law enforcement also needs help from those businesses and individuals who suffer a metal loss theft/vandalism. The #1 aid to law enforcement is to report all thefts. It is also vital to preserve all crime scenes particularly shoe and tire tracks that thieves may have left behind. Also, report all suspicious activity and mark and secure assets.


Construction Site Theft Tips

We all know that problems with theft and vandalism on job sites are an ongoing problem. Unfortunately, Law enforcement does not see it stopping any time soon. The best that we can do is to protect ourselves equipment yards and our job sites. Here are some tips that may be helpful:

  • Fence the area as securely as possible.
  • Post CICP "REWARD" signs on all fences at all job sites.
  • Put decals on all equipment stating that is has been marked for easy identification by law enforcement.
  • Consider hiring security
  • Consider the rental or purchase of storage facilies.
  • Consider assigning a certain color of paint or marker to each company, to mark items for easier identification.
  • Post signs warning that all thefts will be prosecuted.
  • Maintain a list of authorized carriers to control access to the storage areas.
  • Keep gates locked when access is not necessary.
  • Alert neighbors in the area, and ask their cooperation in watching the property.
  • Stamp equipment and engrave small tools for easy identification.
  • Consider lighting and cameras, if possible.
  • When unlocking gates make sure that the lock is locked on the gate and not left unlocked to be replaced by a thief for easy entry later.