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Photo Product Price
Reward Sign 14” x 22” © ™
Place these signs where employees gather, inside shops, warehouses, break rooms, or at job sites and yards. In order for sign to be valid, contractor name and physical address must be added in designated box.
Decal Overlays (To be used with Reward Signs)
Place these decals over the designated box on the Rewards Signs. Use to provide contractor name and address when moving signs from one job site to another.
Parent Alert Sign 17” x 22”© ™
States parent’s responsibility under California law. Hold parents liable for damages caused by minor children. (Available in Spanish)
No Trespassing Sign 17” x 22”© ™
Post these signs to keep unauthorized trespassers off your property. Proper legal wording and size for prosecution and liability. Advises all visitors to check in at job site office. (Available in Spanish)
Legal requirements to determine quantity: If the area of the property does not exceed one acre and has no linear dimension exceeding one mile, signs should be posted at each corner of the area (or fence, if any) and at each entrance. If the area of the property exceeds one acre or contains any linear dimension exceeding one mile, signs should be posted along or near the exterior boundaries of the property. Signs on poles, towers protect poles, towers only
Reward Decals 5” x 8” © ™
Use on tool boxes, gang boxes, trailers, sides of all equipment and storage sheds. Contains reward hotline information.
Operation I.D. Decals 3” x 5” © ™
For use on property that has been marked with an (OAN) owner applied numbers. Use on job trailers, equipment yards, storage containers and tools.
Warning Decals 2 1/2” x 4” © ™ 
Use on gang boxes, trailers, small equipment, storage sheds, bigger tools as a deterrent against property theft.
Life Saver- Hard Hat Insert © ™
Puts emergency information inside employee’s hard hat where you need it. Dual purpose card provides emergency information on front side & secret witness hotline number on back side. Comes with plastic sleeve & self adhesive back for easy placement in hard hat.
Hard Hat Reward Decal 2 ½” x 3” © ™
Use this decal on hard hats. Provides CICP hotline and reward information to employees.
Reward Flyer
Hand these fliers out to employees and neighbors when posting jobsite or yard, starting a new job, or after a loss. “How to use hotline” & “parent alert message” are on back.
Reward Signs 4’ x 4’© ™
High visibility, all weather, durable and flexible. Place high to insure visibility from ¼ mile. Place signs to face streets, neighbors, and passersby. In order for sign to be valid, jobsite name and physical address must be written in space provided on each sign. 
**2 locations available to pick up signs- Sacramento or Oakland**
Die stamp © ™
A single unit hand held 1/8" die stamp for permanently marking tools and equipment using driver’s license number or OAN (Owner Applied Number).Cannot be used on plastic housing or tool forged steel.